Saturday, May 12, 2007

Word of the day: Atwitter

I've heard of this but I didn't know it was an actual word?
-The White House is atwitter over the queen's visit (old news)
-Business is atwitter over the potential of Twitter
-Washington is atwitter over the DC madam's phone list
-Messaging firms were atwitter following the Virginia Tech massacre
-British tabloids are atwitter over Prince William's bar tab
-The internet is atwitter (formerly abuzz) over Creative Commons debate video
-Buster the dog is atwitter over Mother's day
-Supermarket tabloids are atwitter about Kate Bosworth's anorexia
-The TV industry was atwitter over Katie Couric
-The southland is atwitter about an aligate named Reggie
-The internets are atwitter about Rose O'Donnell leaving The View.

Via J