Monday, April 30, 2007

Top Secret! (The Movie)

The world was a beautiful place in 1984. I was learning how to drive, David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen were still friends, and Val Kilmer's first feature film was released. Read more trivia about my all-time favorite, funny movie "Top Secret" by following the link:

- The waiter who asks if Nick is ready to order, ostensibly in German, is actually using the Yiddish curse "go take a s**t in the ocean".

- In the restaurant scene, when Hillary places an order with the waiter in apparent German, she's actually speaking in Yiddish. A rough translation of her line is, "Go bash your head in."

- The scene where Hillary and Nick go into the Swedish bookstore was staged, shot and then run backwards to make the dialog sound "unique." If you record the scene and play it backwards, you will find all of the dialogue to be exactly what is shown in the subtitles except for the title of the book Hillary asks for. The title she actually asks for is "Europe On 5 Quaaludes A Day."

- The Swedish Bookstore scene has no cuts and lasts for 88 seconds. Amusingly, like the scene, 88 makes sense forwards AND backwards.


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