Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Prison Tattoos and Their Meanings

Cynical C posted an absurd list of the meaning of prison tattoos from Wikipedia. I couldn’t tell if it was serious or not so I invented a few of my own:

Eyes - Various meanings: If the eyes are tattooed in the lower groin/hip high area (thus creating a 'face' when his trousers are dropped - with the penis becoming the nose) someone with that tattoo is known as 'the funniest guy in Cell Block C' or 'a laugh riot'.

Panda Bears - These rare tattoos are usually worn by gang members who enjoy eating bamboo and sleeping in trees.

Stars - Stars commonly represent time served; a Jim Carrey tattoo means you will be forgotten very soon, whereas a Sylvester Stallone tattoo will symbolize your life imprisonment without parole.

Sailing Ship - This means that the wearer is willing come along with an escape plan. Anyone planning an escape will know to stay the fuck away from the guy with the ship because the guards are watching his ass!

Madonna - Wearer regrets getting impulsive tattoo from their early days.
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