Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lee Iacocca for President!

Lee Iacocca saved the Chrysler Corporation and it's about time to do the same thing to the U.S. This article about his new book exposes a lame president and discusses what it takes to be a leader. Will someone please purchase a copy of this book and let me borrow it? I can't afford it because I'm still paying off a $1,000.00 spider bite from last year (and I went to the cheap doctor):

I have news for the gang in Congress. We didn't elect you to sit on your asses and do nothing and remain silent while our democracy is being hijacked and our greatness is being replaced with mediocrity. What is everybody so afraid of? That some bobblehead on Fox News will call them a name? Give me a break. Why don't you guys show some spine for a change?

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