Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Strange Religion

This is a pic of the newly constructed Catholic Church near my house. It is located on the campus of St. Thomas University here in the Montrose Area of Houston, Texas. This would make a great museum, or Muslim Temple, but it makes for a rather odd looking church. The slit on the right of the facade is the front door.

Here is a closer view of the front door. It looks more like an accident than a welcoming portal of hope and inspiration.

Here is an even closer view. That's me in the reflection of the front doors hidden insider there. (Click on any of the pics to view the bigger file.)

This is a view from the front doors looking out at the campus. It would be a great entrance for a museum or a contemporary home but it doesn't seem appropriate for a place of worship.

This is the west side of the "church". Why did the architect make the cross seem almost comical? I think this would look much more powerful if the cross were still rotated off center but perpendicular to itself like a (properly squared) cross.

This is the most confusing thing of all. From the street it looks like a giant "plus" sign, which makes some sense. The church is just letting everyone in the neighborhood aware that operating tax free is always a cash positive venture. But look closely at the cross (click on the pic to see the bigger view). Why does it look like the cross is taller on the top than the bottom? Did they install it upside-down?

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