Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A New Era for Humankind

My mom was telling me about The Secret but I didn't pay attention until I read about it on J-Walk:

Some people post hints about the secret:

The first step is to write out a script of the current circumstances of any situation you wish to change. Read it and circle any sentence that is not to your liking. Rewrite a new script making changes to the sentences that you circled, changing them to your liking. Read this new script over and over.....

The Secret Store provides some clues. For example, you can get a secret lamp for only $49.95.

Place the beautiful Genie lamp in a position where you will look at it many times during the day. Let it be the most wonderful reminder to you to think thoughts only of what you want, and to know that the Grand Genie of the Universe is serving you in every moment of your life. The Secret Lamp is your real-life Aladdin's Lamp.

There's even a forum.

If you click on "forum" there is a video clip on the bottom of that page that will try and vaguely explain The Secret. If you ask me it sounds like a crafty way to seperate a fool and his money.


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