Saturday, June 24, 2006

The killer is dead

One down, one to go. I hope the doctor poked her in the eye with a stick to make sure she's not faking it:
ATLANTA - Patsy Ramsey, whose 6-year-old daughter JonBenet's 1996 slaying has never been solved, died Saturday of cancer, her lawyer said. She was 49.

JonBenet was found beaten and strangled in her parents' Boulder, Colo. basement on Dec. 26, 1996. A grand jury investigation ended with no indictments, and no arrests have been made.

The Ramseys said an intruder killed their daughter but a cloud of suspicion hung over the couple.

Patsy Ramsey said she found a ransom note on the back staircase of the family's home demanding $118,000 for the safe return of JonBenet. John Ramsey said he found his daughter's body in a basement room, wrapped in a white blanket eight hours later.

An autopsy concluded JonBenet suffered a skull fracture, and was strangled and beaten.
I find it hard to believe that someone would break into a house, strangle a child, leave a ransom note, and then never get accused or caught...