Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hell Pizza

I never order pizza because I feel guilty for having to dispose of the large, awkward box, so to me this is the most KICK-ASS idea ever!!! Firstly, it's a great idea for the pizza box to be able to collapse down to a smaller box because after you eat a pizza there are always one or two slices leftover. You don't need that big box for only one or two slices. Secondly, for the smaller box to be in the shape of a coffin is cool because, for some reason, people love the shape of coffins (a few years ago there was a golf club on the market that came packaged in a coffin and people were buying the golf club just for the box!). Thirdly, to have the coffin tie in with the concept of your restaurant is just brilliant! I wish there was a "Hell Pizza" place here in Chicago!