Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sailing around the world

I have spent the entire day reading the journal of this couple who are sailing around the world. They are from CHICAGO and their names are Pat and Ali. They are novice sailers very intent on their purpose of circumnavigating the globe, and they are doing a great job!

I started reading their journal yesterday and couldn't stop reading until I had read it all. They have an email system on the boat so Pat is able to document their travels while taking his turn navigating the boat. The journal begins in Miami, two years ago, and covers their journey all the way up to today. I love the daily adventure as they trip from the Bahamas through the Panama Canal and through the South Pacific. I never imagined how long it would take or what it would be like! I also never dreamed about how much money it would cost and what was involved in arriving at a new country location. But the saddest thing is what they are finding along their travels:

(January 14, 2006) Similian Islands, Thailand - I jumped right in and went snorkeling. It was some of the best coral I've seen anywhere. Up close the coral is really pretty colorful, which is a big change from most of the coral we've seen on this trip which has been bleached white and colorless.

(February 19, 2006) All the coral was dead, there was no color whatsoever and very few fish. Not exactly what any of us had envisioned of the Maldives. Maybe the tour guides just didn't have a clue, or maybe that is really the way all the coral is around here, none of us know.
They are unknowingly documenting the disturbing state of the coral reefs around the globe. Here is a link to some previous stories I have posted about the coral reefs dying.

Good luck guys, keep living the dream!!!