Friday, April 28, 2006

Half-baked concert promotion

This was in the Chicago Sun Times (online) this morning:
Reporters covering an event at Washington Park Thursday were given something more than just a press release -- they were offered rolling papers, commonly used to smoke pot.
The rolling papers were set up on a press table a few feet from a playground and advertised the Lollapalooza music festival as "fully baked rock and roll.''

A list of terms for illegal drugs on the online site Wikipedia defines "baked" as "intoxicated from marijuana use.''

Chicago Park District Supt. Timothy Mitchell was unaware of the rolling papers, which are also used to make tobacco cigarettes. After being asked about them, a startled Mitchell ordered them removed.

Later, both Mitchell and Lollapalooza organizers called the offer of rolling papers in a city park a mistake.
Dear GOD NO! Not rolling papers!!! Just think of the message!!! Somebody might confuse harmless, legal, cigarrette rolling papers with "illegal drugs" and get "baked". Thank GOD they were removed before the children got to see what they can see in ANY convenience store!