Thursday, April 27, 2006

Delta employees volunteer

My friend, who works for United Air Lines, sent me this email from (competing) Delta Air Lines. I'm sure they had a great laugh over at UAL:

Delta Air Lines Invites Employees to Volunteer to Help Clean Aircraft in Effort to Boost Morale
ATLANTA (AP) -- Delta Air Lines Inc. said Friday it is inviting employees to volunteer to help clean aircraft in an effort to boost morale and improve customer service at the nation's third-largest carrier. Employees who volunteer aren't being paid for the work, but the Atlanta-based company said the effort is not a cost-cutting initiative. The initiative launched earlier this week includes increasing the frequency of aircraft deep cleans and refurbishing aircraft interiors. Delta said it is not eliminating its overnight cleaning crews, and it said it has committed millions of dollars in additional resources to support the cleaning effort. The company said dozens of Delta leaders, including several executives, so far have participated in cleaning activities in New York, Cincinnati, and Salt Lake City.
I would volunteer because in a company like Delta it's not how great you are as an employee, it's how much ASS you kiss as a suck-up!!!