Monday, March 27, 2006

Los Angeles, Mexico

I didn't realize it had gotten this bad. Here is a real billboard proudly proclaiming LA as a part of Mexico. I guess it makes sense, I mean if the Americans don't want it, let them have it. This is from a great online discussion:

That's for damn sure. My x girlfriend moved to LA from NYC 10 years ago. She tells me it's a nightmare there (her being blond with blue eyes) She's treated like dirt because of her race. She got very sick in class at UCLA and was refused medical treatment at the school clinic because she was a gringo capable of paying for her own medical care. Most of her professors preach anti white/pro Hispanic rhetoric . She know many many non citizens who get free books and dorm rooms while she ( the gringo) works 2 jobs to stay in's over for us . This is how all great civilizations crashes. When language and culture are diluted it's all over.
Here is the link to the discussion.